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A roadtrip to Artelexia in a Toyota C-HR!


Happiness is taking a break from the Arizona heat to have pop-up shops in California! Thanks to Toyota, that’s what’s happening this summer. I’m embarking on three Crafty Chica summer road trips.

The first one already happened at Artelexia. It’s been quite a busy season, so I didn’t even have time to post here, but it went super swell! It’s one of my all-time favorite destinations. That shop has something for every sense, every personality. It was such an honor to have an event there!

Okay, so before San Diego even happened, we had an event here in Phoenix. Here is how it came about: I had set up an appearance/pop-up shop at Artelexia in San Diego, when my friend Vianney Rodriguez from Sweet Bake Life told me she was looking for cool places to hold book signings for her new hardback title, The Tex-Mex Slow Cooker.

We thought it would be a great idea if she joined me at Artelexia. She and her family drove all the way from Texas and decided to make a stop in Phoenix to ALSO do an event at Mucho Mas Art Studio! 

Here’s a livestream we did.

She demoed how to make a horchata cocktail. It was delish!
We also had a craft table to make books!

Next it was off to San Diego! This was our chariot! A brand new Toyota C-HR! Super sleek and the bright blue fit my style perfectly.

The Toyota Safety Sense P (TSS-P) came in handy for our long-distance drive. For me, I want a car that is quiet, smooth, but also makes me feel safe. I want a car that can whisk in and out of crazy angled parking spaces. AND can easily connect to my iPhone, and this one did it seconds. I found the overall interior very intuitive. So much, I wanted to drive EVERYWHERE when we came home.

Anyhoo – back to San Diego. We finished up our Phoenix event at 10 pm, then woke up at 5 am to head out to Cali. By the time we hit the road, it was already six, so we arrived 30 minutes before our event began. We took it low and slow. Just in time and in style!

If you are ever in San Diego, you have to check out Artelexia. It’s a gorgeous shop themed around the spirit of Mexico – but it’s magical in a special way because it’s Elexia who curates every detail. From classes to pop-up shops to book signings, she has all kinds of cool events!

Elexia wearing a pair of my cactus earrings!
Check out these adorable Frida cloth dolls!
Eye masks. Give me all of them!
Peace and love.
Colorful rose-wrapped sage.
More handmade dolls.
Loteria pillows.
Even the chocolate is super cool to look at!
I want to make bowls like these. Watch me!
Screenprinted dishtowels.
Take my money. I want it all.
Cactus ceramic bowls.
Elexia says these cool treats are a big seller! The flavors look tempting!
The huge confetti jar. I put my hand in it several times just because…
Finally! Here are some of my things. I sold out of all my mugs, earrings and stickers. I demoed my new Crafty Chica Sizzix line too!
My ring tray!

My next stop is at MI VIDA in Los Angeles on June 23, noon-4 p.m.

Please come see me! And here in Phoenix, I have a Father’s Day workshop this Sunday, here are the details!

Father's Day Beer Steins

And in case you missed this post – here’s the behind the scenes of painting my mugs!



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  1. I love it all. I am not Hispanic, but I have such a love for the culture, at least most if it, and the colors, art, architecture…I am not a fan of day of the dead, but I watched Coco with my granddaughter and absolutely loved it. Still not a fan of the “holiday”. I love your art Kathy and your energy is captivating. I do not know what a “pop-up shop” is. Can you explain it to me? I am going to look up Artelexia in SD. Good luck on your other adventures. Happy Trails, Cathey


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