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Craft Room Tip: Deflecto Stack ‘N Go for organizing supplies

Scrapbook.com delivered a crafty treat my way recently – the Deflecto Stack ‘N Go organizer! It’s a very brilliant storage system – each tray/bin comes with locking handles that allow you to stack them as high as needed!

This is the deal when it comes to those of us who craft a lot. You have to keep everything stored neatly so you can easily find your specific supplies. It’s a way to respect and honor your gift of creativity – and your money. If you don’t organize your supplies, you may misplace them and end up spending on unnecessary items. This caddy is a great way to keep everything in check and even better – the clear plastic helps to see exactly where everything is.

The set I received came with two trays filled with snap top compartments. They are roomy enough to hold taller items, like jumbo glitter jars, paint bottles, long handle brushes and in my case – lots and lots of ceramic pieces!

Right now I only have two trays, which comes in handy because the set rolls easily under my desk for easy reaching. I do plan to build upon this to condense my stash.

I ended up using the bottom tray for all my non-perishable cake decorating supplies like sprinkles, wrappers, toppers, icing nozzles and dyes.

And here we are! My ceramic pieces all nice and organized! If you want to check out the Deflecto Stack ‘N Go system, here are some links for you to see all the offerings!

Deflecto – Caddy Organizer with Small Medium and Large Compartments – White

Deflecto – Stack ‘n Go – Caddy Wheel Base

Thank you so much to Scrapbook.com and Deflecto for letting me try out this awesome organization system, I love it!

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