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Podcast #17: 3 Etsy store tips by Christina Martinez of VeryThat

Are you in need of Etsy store tips? This is the podcast episode for you! My guest is celebrated Etsy seller, Christina Martinez of VeryThat.com. A San Antonio resident, she launched her online shop two years ago and has become the ultimate “one-stop Chicana shop.”

From paper goods to coasters, jewelry y mas, she is always creating new products, and she now employs a string of staffers to help her fulfill every order. She came by to visit me at Mucho Mas Art Studio recently while in town and we had such a great time sharing ideas and inspiration.

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I couldn’t let her leave without interviewing her for a podcast episode and she gladly agreed! The title says “three tips” but actually there are a lot more! Please give it a listen, maybe even a share!

And don’t forget to check out VeryThat.com

Here is an overview of our conversation – Christina tells us her backstory and says three things helped make her a success on Etsy:

Three Etsy Store Tips:

  1. Creating an event for the launch of your store opening. Create a build-up online to make it an exciting event!
  2. Product curation. Her goal was to fill up at least two pages of merchandise because Etsy buyers want to see a variety of options. She created a strategy to do this. and she made sure she had plenty of stock for each item.
  3. Take great photos. She multitasks with these because she takes high-quality photos and then uses them on all her platforms. She is a self-taught photographer and says it pushed her outside her comfort zone, but now she is happy!

She also went on to talk about scaling up her business, hiring employees, staying inspired, designing, dealing with low-selling inventory, being self-driven, prioritizing her passions and hiring people for the rest.

Do you have an Etsy store? Leave your link in the comments so we can all visit each other’s shops!

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