Halloween party ideas


In need of some perfect Halloween party ideas? If you have kids, you may find yourself in the middle of planning a kid’s Halloween party.

Halloween parties can be tons of fun and a great way to celebrate the spooky season. But party planning can be a lot of work — so to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of a few ideas for your next Halloween party – kids or otherwise!

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First things first, no party is complete with food. Fortunately, while making snacks for a bunch of kids may seem intimidating, there are tons of simple yet spooky snacks to make for your upcoming Halloween party. You can easily take some basic treats like cookies and brownies and make them a little spookier.

One of the easiest, and cutest, ways to do this is by taking melted white chocolate and draping it across a treat in a bandage-like fashion.

Add a few MandM’s for eyes and you have a cute but tasty mummy! Or take a few pretzel sticks and poke them in the side of the treat, add some red eyes, and you have a spider snack. You don’t have to spend a lot of time making these adorably spooky treats and they’re sure to be a hit.


While Halloween food is typically focused on sweets, it’s important to offer some healthy snack options as well. And even though there are plenty of healthy foods, like seafood, which Americans ate an average of 14.9 pounds in 2016, you need to keep your audience in mind.

So choose healthy snacks that kids will actually want to eat. You can do something super simple, like adding a small chunk of celery on top of an orange or clementine for a little pumpkin treat or even putting a vegetable dip in a pumpkin.

No matter what snacks you choose, something simple but still spooky will be perfect. Video!


At the end of the party, you should have something to give all of your little ghoulish guests. Not only are favors super fun, but a 2015 UGiftIdeas survey found that 58.79% of people say that gift giving brings more meaning to a relationship.

So favors should be a big part of your party planning. Fortunately, kids are pretty easy to please with favors. The best favors are those that give kids something to do when they get home — DIY cookie-making kits, coloring books and other activities, or even some homemade slime can all be great options.

And while about 45 million Americans have at least one real tattoo, fake tattoos are a must-have for all Halloween parties.

Temporary tattoos and stickers will always be a hit among kids. All in all, you can do something simple, like a treat bag with some sweets or activities, or do something a little more complex, like making your own slime. But either way, offering your party attendees a little favor will be a sweet way to say “thank you” and that you hope they had a good time.


And lastly, it’s important to plan some fun activities for your kiddos to do at the party. Kids are pretty easy to entertain, which means you only have to plan a few simple activities for them to do. But first, don’t forget the decorations.

While Home Advisor shows that a basement remodel can offer a 70% ROI, you don’t need to remodel your entire basement just for the party. What you can do is put up some killer decorations. Cobwebs, pumpkins, spooky ghosts, and creepy lights should all be part of your party decor. Adding even just a few little Halloween decorations with a black background can go a long way for parties.

And after your party area is decorated, now is time to set up activities. If you have little kids coming, a great activity is pumpkin painting. Each guest will be able to paint their own pumpkin, which is safer than carving, and then they can take it home with them.

And you can’t forget the classic games, like bobbing for apples and eating donuts hanging from the ceiling. There are tons of games and activities that can help keep your little monsters entertained for the duration of the party.

Planning a kid’s Halloween party can be tons of fun, but can also be quite a bit of work. So keep these simple tips in mind, use a little creativity, and you’ll have the best Halloween party yet.

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