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23 Craft companies and makers to follow!


Here are 23 awesome craft companies and makers to follow to give you inspiration for the new year! I hosted my first ever virtual retreat early last month. 100 guests joined in and we crafted more than a dozen projects over the course of two nights and three days. Yup. It was pretty epic, and really kicked off the holiday season in the best way possible!

crafty navidad by Crafty chica #craftychica


How it worked: I planned all the projects and created magical boxes filled with project supplies and goodies that represented my hometown of Arizona, as well as swag from my favorite companies. I’m so grateful for these brands who sponsored product, it made the retreat even better. 

Check them out below, follow them on Instagram. Grab a cup of coffee because it’s a healthy list!

Craft Supplies

The Maker’s Movement: This is my partner for HSN (check out my line here!). This Phoenix based company manufacturers dies for the most of the craft industry, and they also make stamps, papers, so much more. They helped me develop the new Crafty Chica paper crafting line! This is one of the cards we made at the retreat, so cute!


Bisque Imports – They are the manufacturers of my bisque product line! We painted beautiful hearts! Here is a cute cactus ring holder they sell!


Scrapbook.com: Also based in Arizona, Scrapbook.com provided an array of papercrafting supplies and told us about Cards for Kindness, a program they have to send handmade cards to people. Check it out!


Tombow USA: Tombow is one of my all-time favorite companies! They were the first sponsor to sign on and provide tape runners, and in the past they sponsored markers for my cruises. Thank you, Tombow! Check out their IG feed for lots of inspiration and ideas!


Prima Marketing Inc: You can make handmade cards without paper flowers! and Prima was kind enough to send each of us a gorgeous set of flowers made from handmade paper. I love their products because they can be layered, mixed and matched and you’ll always end up with a beautiful result.


Grafix Arts Plastics: I’ve worked with Grafix Arts several times over the years and they always impress me with their new ideas. They sent us shrink plastic and we learned how to make cool charms that can be used all year round. They don’t only sell shrink plastic, they have a lot of other products! From journals to jewelry, the options go on and on!


Fairfield World Poly-fil: Who needs pillow stuffing? in our case, we made fluffy fabric ornaments. All it took was a pinch of Fiberfil to bring them to life. Scroll down to see the end result!



Aleene’s Tacky Glue: I used to be the national spokesperson for this company and they are near and dear to my heart. Back in the day, I used to always write about my love of Aleene’s Tacky Glue and one day they contacted me to work with them! Our partnership went on to develop eight years of Crafty Chica branded products for mass retail store shelves. They truly gave me my start in licensing! and it’s pretty cool they still support my projects! 


Xyron: Another Arizona crafty empire! I love how my state is filled with creative companies! Xyron has an array of high quality products, such as laminators, glue guns, storage, and more! They sponsored some fabulous giveaway prizes for our retreat guests!


Now – the makers! 

This portion of our list is all about the creative entrepreneurs who graciously sent items for our goodie box! With 100 people, our guests received a mixture of the following gifts. 

The Chingona Box: This company focuses on Latinx working creatives. People like me who make items to sell! They can work with The Chingona Box to have their pieces seen by thousands of recipients throughout the year. Our guests each received a mini box

The Chingona Box


Create Studio Fresno – Rina not only provided a crafct kit for. us, but she also guided me along the process of settingup such a big event. I’m so thankful for her friendship!





The Designing Chica


Daffodil Gem Soaps





Bones and Cobwebs gave us little wood cut out shrines!


Laura Kelly Designs made little notepads!


Diana Calderon made handmade book kits!


Andria’s Tienda gave us a giveaway item!



Fuchila Fresheners loaded us up with air fresheners!


Luz de Luna Crafts offered giveaway sets of beautiful tamal ornaments!


Vicki Howell of YarnYAY sent a large satchel as a giveaway!


Anna of The 1 Love of Crafting made a beautiful Frida doll as a giveaway!


Alrighty – I hope I got everyone! and special thanks goes to Candy Olivares for helping me put the retreat together!

Can you believe we packed and shipped all of these?


And here are some pics of students’ work from the retreat, you can look up #craftynavidad to see more!








Okay, I’ll stop there! Can you tell I was super excited to share these 23 craft companies and makers to follow?

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Painted wood valentine hearts


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