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5 Garden Crafts Your Whole Family Can Tackle

Crafts help to bring you closer to your family by allowing you to have fun creating unique and decorative elements to add to your home. Here are some garden crafts your family can try that can make your garden more appealing and protect it from pests and other issues that could affect your plants, flowers, and vegetables.

Unique Garden Markers

plant stakes

Garden makers are an essential part of any fun garden crafting experience. They help to make your garden more decorative and capture the eyes of friends and family members. Importantly, these markers are pretty easy to set up and will be fun to make with your family. You can use little pieces of wood and paint to create them. Click here for a tutorial!

Remember when designing your markers to consider things like pests. For example, your garden foods will compete with over 10,000 different species of insects that love to eat plants. So, try to create barriers with your markers that help keep them safe to minimize their impact on your growing crops.

Beautiful Bead Ornaments

Copper & Ceramic Chime by CraftyChica.com

Do you have many craft beads in your home that you aren’t sure what to do with and are thinking of throwing away? Don’t make that mistake! Instead, you can use those beads to make fun ornaments, such as crafting them together on a colorful string and hanging them from your trees or around your garden. These bead ornaments will serve as suncatchers, which will brighten up your garden! Tutorial!

Fun Stepping Stones

Your family can also create a fun path in or around your garden space. Stepping stones are a great option. You and your children can spend time finding medium-sized flat rocks in a park or in woods near your home. You can paint these rocks to make them stand out! Place them throughout the garden in a way that feels comfortable and natural. Tutorial!

Using genuine stones is a great way to help the environment by cutting back on waste. As a Nielsen Report found in 2018, around 81% of people worldwide want companies to protect the environment. So, if you can’t find the rocks you need in nature and want to buy artificial stepping stones, seek out recycled options.

Adorable Garden Rocks

One of the most fun crafts for a garden is to create cute and small decorative rocks to decorate the green space. These rocks can be natural stones you find in your yard, making them easy for your kids to find. Then, paint them with fun colors and designs to make them quite fascinating.

However, you can also create artificial rocks using a variety of crafting materials. This step is quite fun and will challenge you and your children. While paper mache is a bit too cheap and will weather away outside, you can add things like plaster or even plastic to produce fun craft rocks.

Painted Flower Pots

Cricut Joy projects - DIY Painted Planters! #craftychica #cricutjoy

Plants are an essential part of any garden, and if you have flower pots in your garden or on your front porch, it’s a fantastic idea to paint their pots! Doing so helps to make them more decorative and ensures that your garden or porch area is more appealing. It is also reasonably simple for kids to handle this task with their parents with ease. Tutorial!

When choosing plants to put into your pots, make sure you look out for poison ivy. This poisonous plant is found in 48 states, excluding Hawaii and Alaska, and around 85% of the population is allergic. As a result, you may end up getting frustrating rashes that will itch if you pick the wrong plant.

So, if you want to find some fun garden and outdoor crafts that your whole family will love, seriously consider these fun and exciting options. You should see that it is relatively easy to integrate a broad range of unique designs into your process to create a style that makes sense for your home and outdoor garden needs.

I hope you like these 5 garden crafts your whole family can tackle!

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