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Tips to Grow Your TikTok Account

Are you in need of tips to grow your TikTok account? I’m happy to share all I’ve learned. I’m currently a TikTok partner and with that comes a lot of helpful training from the TikTok team. I’ve applied all I’ve learned (as much as my schedule allows), and I’ve definitely seen results! Click here to see my TikTok page!


DIY clay concha bracelet! #LearnOnTikTok #TikTokPartner #handmade #tutorials #conchas #polymerclay

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Reasons to join and use TikTok

Learn new techniques in all kinds of aspects in your life

Inspiration and motivation

Grow your brand

Sell your products

Trend/news awareness

Connect with likeminded personalities


Making your mark on the world!


A random morning. #LearnOnTikTok #smallbizowner #morningroutine #creativepreneur

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I first learned about TikTok three years ago when a cake decorator friend pushed me to create an account. She knew what was up back then! I asked my daughter and she was like, “No, Mom, it’s only for 12-year-olds!” Well, that all changed. TikTok has become for EVERYONE. Seriously – all ages, all interests, all over the world. That’s what I love about it the most, it allows us to connect with people’s POV we wouldn’t normally see. 

Start by consuming content

When I first signed on, I’ll admit, I didn’t watch any videos, I kinda went through the motions to upload some craft tutorials. And then when the pandemic hit and we went on lockdown in 2020, I used TikTok as a way to see what everyone else was spending their time. It changed my life! I loved seeing so many people from so many different walks of life sharing their stories, tips, recipes, all of it. Once I watched, I realized I didn’t want to create content for this app, I wanted to just consume. But then, wouldn’t you know – TikTok actually reached out to me to be a part of their Creator program, and I joined. Yes, the training helped, but what worked best was just watching and interacting with everyone else’s videos.

Tip: Make sure interact with content you want to see more of. TikTok has a magical algorithm that will serve you videos to your specific liking. From parallel universe to crafting to business tips – you’ll find so much helpful goodness!

Introduce yourself


Excited to be part of the TikTok Creative Learning Fund! #LearnOnTikTok #TikTokPartner#fup #foryoupage

♬ CONFETTI INSTRUMENTAL – Utkarsh Uppal/Aymen Mohamedali/Shalee Gherbaz

Once you are familiar with the platform and decide to make content, make a TikTok introducing yourself. This will help you connect with people and them with you. As you grow your account, you can download and reshare the video for new people who follow you. The true beauty of TikTok is seeing people’s face and hearing their stories first hand. I’m working on showing up in more of my videos for sure!

Identify what you want to get out of the app

This is sooo crucial! Do you want to make sales, promote your business, become internet famous? No matter what your ultimate goal is, create a plan, rather than post aimlessly. Follow hashtags of the areas you want to learn about or cover and see what other creators are doing and see how you can adapt it to your own specific style/personality.


Silkscreening new mugs! #ceramics #LearnOnTikTok #ikonartstencil #silkscreen

♬ Dreamy Vibes – Ocean Bay Jazz

Content creation: Choose some lanes

Normally, the TikTok people say to choose one lane (topic), but I’m all over the place. I have so many different interests. When it comes to my content, I mostly keep it about craft tutorials, but I do mix in business tips, behind-the-scenes, daily life, etc.  TikTok finally realized this and now has tabs where you can sort your content.


Crafty distractions! #LearnOnTikTok #TikTokPartner #corazones #crafts #latinamaker

♬ original sound – The Crafty Chica

Video length

You can create videos up to three-minutes in length, but if you are just starting, aim for 10-15 seconds. This will help build. up the watch time and get your TikToks pushed out to more people because many people will rewatch a short video over and over. My average time is 15-seconds, unless I’m telling a story then I go longer. 


I bought a Fold & Bag! LOVE IT! #LearnOnTikTok #foldandbag #tshirtbiz

♬ Fadeaway – Official Sound Studio

Consistency is EVERYTHING!

The real key to success on TikTok is to post consistently, which means at least every day. If not everyday, then 3-5 a week. I recently challenged myself to post daily and wow – it really does boost followers and views. Same with IG Reels, that’s another post though! I don’t use a specific time, but I do try to post them earlier in the day.


In case you don’t have a green thumb! #LearnOnTikTok #almostthere #plasticplants #hispanictiktok

♬ Almost there – 👀

Descriptions and hashtags

Keep them short and use 3-5 hashtags. It’s not like IG where you should load up your post with hashtags. Instead, choose a specific ones to your video, then maybe some others that are trending. Pay attention to the Explore page to see what is trending and see if any of those hashtags will fit your video.


Bobby pin makeover! #LearnOnTikTok #bobbypins #craftingeek #craftychica

♬ FEEL GOOD – Tamara Bubble

Build community

Reply back, tag, stitch, duet, or at least acknowledge your commenters! And when you watch videos, heart the ones you like and even leave a comment too. You can also download them and upload to your IG stories. A good way to boost your posts and build community is to do Lives, you can share a tutorial or talk with people, answer questions, etc.


BIG HAIR ENERGY! #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner #bighair #curlyhair #bighairdontcare #hairsalon

♬ NEW JAZZ – Bono G

Use trending sounds, filters, challenges, and music!

This is where you can really have fun – pay attention to the current trends and dive in! It can be a popular song or voicetrack or filter – just let yourself play and have fun.

TikTok is my favorite platform these days because it’s the most authentic. It’s not about picture perfect posts, it’s a place where people show up as themselves and where they are in their lives. I love how this platform is all about learning new things. From food hacks to small business tips. I’ve learned so many new things, I know you will too.


Use what you have! #learnontiktok #shadowbox #crafts #diy #makesomething

♬ Big Little Lies (TV Theme) – Voidoid

Editing help

Shoot your footage vertically. I use an app called InShot to edit from my phone and save the voiceover and music for when i’m actually uploading the video to TikTok. Then I can also use the InShot edited video for Instagram Reels.

Thanks for reading through this overview of tips to grow your TikTok! I hope it helps and let’s connect!



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