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2022 Crafty Colores: Spring Online Craft Retreat

This retreat is from 2022 – here is the link for the 2023 event:


Friday evening, May 6th from 6-8 pm, and Saturday, May 7th 11 a.m.-5 pm. (longer if necessary). This will be held via Zoom, and as always - you do not have be there - you will receive the links so you can watch at your leisure. These workshops are great for all skill levels. The price includes a box containing a craft kit for each workshop, plus some other goodies! Here are the five workshops:  

 1. La Diosa Guardian Plaster Statue

This is a project from my recent book, The Crafty Chica Creates! I'll show you how to construct your very own 10" tall plaster empowerment guardian. We'll build it Friday night, and then it will dry over night and we'll paint and embellish her it the next day, on Saturday.

2. Mucho Colores Wood Nichos

In this workshop, we'll construct a wood nicho, paint it and then then fill it with an array of cheery motifs and decorations for spring. We'll also make a smaller one!  

3. Set of 2 Marranitos Planters

These are from my line of Crafty Chica bisque and I designed them inspired by my second favorite pan dulce - marranitos! The little gingerbread piggies! Once they are painted and varnished, we will make paper flowers to go inside.   

4. Conchas con Chisme Dimensional Greeting Card

Conchas con chisme all year round! We'll use items from the Crafty Chica paper crafting collection to create a cool layered greeting card!

Set of two greeting cards

Since we'll have our paper crafting supplies out already, we'll make two more greeting cards!


I can't for you to see this one, it's bold and beautiful and you will absolutely love it!

Okay, let's get into details!

You will receive a Crafty Chica box of workshop kits, goodies - including an exclusive art piece by Kathy. Your project templates will be included in a PDF of workshop directions, and will arrive closer to the event. Your Crafty Chica box will ship April 27th. The week of March 28, You will receive an email with a link to sign up for a private Crafty Colores newsletter so I can easily communicate with you about the class, give you the Zoom link, send the recording links, etc. Please be on the lookout for this email so you can sign up! Make sure your correct email is on your order form. Included: A paint set, workshop kits, collage sheet, embellishments, adhesives, varnish, other treats. Sale price is good through Sunday, March 20th, then it will go to the regular price.  Hope to see you there!

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