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Layered resin art for shadow boxes

Layered resin art is perfect for making shadow boxes. It adds so much depth and interest!


In the mood for a layered resin collage art project? If you have worked with resin on smaller projects and wanted to try something a bit more challenging, this is for you.

The magic is all in the layering of the resin and trust me, it takes a LOT of patience…and resin!

What is resin?

This is the brand I’ve been using, it is called Let’s Resin.

Resin is a polymer that can be liquid or solid. It’s often used as a coating or sealant, but it can also be used for art.

To use resin for art, you’ll need to mix it with a hardener. Once it’s mixed, you can pour it into molds or onto surfaces to create your piece.

Once it’s hardened, resin is durable and waterproof. It can be sanded, drilled, and painted. In this case, we are using liquid resin that is clear. 

SUPPLIES for layered resin collage art:

6x6 wood canvas

6×6 wood canvases (you’ll use the back side)

Large box of two-part resin

Images printed on glossy photo paper: One focal image measuring about 5″ (a cut out of Frida, etc), and fussy cut images of flowers, words, anything else you want to include.

White craft glue

Craft paintaint and any other embellishments you want


Wax paper

Mixing cups, gloves, stirrer

Directions for layered resin collage art

applying paint to wood
This is me base coating a wood table, but you can use the same technique for any kind of wood project.


Prep the shadow box

Paint the base coats of the backs of the wood canvases. We are using the BACK because it will become the perfect depth for a beautiful layered resin piece.

These work perfect for shadow boxes!

Let dry completely.

Mix the resin

pouring resin
This was from a jewelry kit, resin on the go!

Work in a well ventilated area. Wear a mask and gloves.

Make sure you work on a flat surface, otherwise your resin piece will cure uneven. Cover your work area with wax paper or a smooth plastic trash bag. Again, keep your surface even.

Read the directions on the package. But if you are using two-part resin, mix equal parts of resin.

Start with 2 ounces of Part A and 2 ounces of part B. Pour each part into a separate cup and then into a third cup together. Use a wood stirrer to slowly blend the two parts. Do not whisk or you will create a lot of air bubbles!

Let it sit for about 10 minutes.

Pour the resin in the shadow box (Layer 1)

hair pin leg table
This is me, pouring resin on a table top, but you can use the same technique for a layered resin shadow box.


Then pour over the surface. Use a straw or heat gun to remove the gas bubbles. Let sit for 6-8 hours until fully cured.

For this piece, I did the above, then for the second layer of resin, I added in gold glitter flakes. I let it for another 6-8 hours.

Once it dries, use your craft paint to paint designs on the cured resin layer.

Add a second coat of resin (Layer 2)

This time, after you pour the second layer, let it set for about 15 minutes. This is so the resin will thicken just enough so the image will not move around.

Hello, Frida! I printed out a large black and white image of her on glossy photo paper and used the craft glue to affix it to the surface of the resin. TIP: You want to make sure your resin cures evenly, so place it on a smooth, even surface. No tilting! No place where lint or dust can touch it!

You can also add quote art – I used one of Frida’s to offset the picture. Then I added the last layer of resin. I love how it looks like its floating!

layered resin collage

Insert the main focal point image into the resin, press it in place with a wooden stirrer.

Let it set for an hour and then add accents like gold metallic stars, small pressed flowers, etc.

After 24 hours, when it is fully cured. Go in with a paint pen or craft paints and add more designs. You can glue down words, add stickers, etc.

Add a third coat of resin (Layer 3)

This will seal it all in and give it depth. If you want to go longer, you can keep adding layer with more detail!

layered resin collage art

Finish off your piece

To really make it pop, find a frame to glue or nail on the front of your shadow box. Paint it up and add more embellishments!

I found some chunky wood frames and affixed them using resin (I used it like glue and let it set overnight). Then I added a ceramic heart on top and a wire for hanging on the back.

Here are some of my resin videos to help you with the process!

Have fun with your own layered resin collage art – let me know how it turns out!

YouTube video

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