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DIY Pompom tassel: A tribute to El Sol

Check out my DIY Pompom Tassel project! The inspiration is from the beautiful pompom tassels from Mexico, they are so vibrant and beautoful. I thought I’d make a simplified version to get things rolling. Now I’m ready to make a pillow with the same concept!

Inspired by the traditional felt pompom tassels found in Mexico, this project combines colorful embroidery and bright designs to create a 5″ pompom tassel that resembles a sun face. El sol!

I live in Phoenix, 3rd gen, and I have a love/hate relationship with el sol. We’re expecting it to hit 118 degrees this weekend, and gulp… we just gotta deal. The sun has his job to do, and he is doing it well. Who am I to dull his shine? *Adjusts office fan*

 Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting out, this El Sol project is sure to bring a burst of color and joy to any space. And maybe a little heat, too.

Gather your materials.

Before you begin your DIY Pompom Tassel, make sure you have all the necessary materials.

You will need:

6″ embroidery hoop

Colorful embroidery thread

A needle


Felt fabric in various colors,




Prep for embroidery.

diy pompom tassel

Place the yellow felt between the embroidery hoop and tighten until taut. Use the marker to draw the sun face on the front of the felt. Use a light colored marker that will hide nicely behind the embroidery thread.

Embroider the details.

diy pompom tassel

Use a needle and thread in contrasting colors to stitch on the eyes and mouth, right over where you drew the face design. You can get creative with different embroidery stitches to add texture and depth to your sun face. Consider using a satin stitch for the eyes and a backstitch for the mouth. Take your time and make sure the stitches are secure and evenly spaced. Turn over and tie off any loose ends of threads.

Cut it out it!

diy pompom tassel

Remove the felt from the hoop. Take another piece of felt and cut two circles, leave about 1/2″ around the embroidered area.

Time to stitch then stuff.

blanket stitch

Pin the two circles together and embroider the blanket stitch halfway around the two circles, then add the stuffing. Complete the blanket stitch all the way around. This blanket stitch tutorial helped me learn.

Stuffing the pompom tassel


Make the tassel:

pompom tassel tutorial

Use a skein of embroidery thread, fold it in half and tie it around the top with another piece of embroidery thread. Glue n place. Cut the end off of the bottom of the tassel, and stitch the top inside the the pompom. Cut the excess threads. 

diy pompom tassel

About Mexican pompom tassels:

Embroidered pompom tassels, commonly known as “borlas” or “borlitas,” are traditional Mexican craft items that are handmade and known for their vibrant colors and intricate designs. These decorative elements play a significant role in Mexican culture and can be found throughout the country.

Mexican pompom tassels

The production of embroidered pompom tassels involves skilled artisans who use various techniques and materials. They are typically made using a combination of embroidery, weaving, and pompom-making techniques. The process starts with the creation of the pompoms, which are made by wrapping thread or yarn around a small tool or object, resulting in a spherical shape. These pompoms are often made in multiple colors and sizes.

The tassel part of the borla is usually made using embroidery techniques such as cross-stitch or satin stitch. The artisans create intricate patterns and designs on a fabric base, incorporating elements such as flowers, animals, and geometric shapes. These embroidered pieces are then attached to the pompoms using additional threads.

The production of embroidered pompom tassels is prevalent in several regions of Mexico, each with its own distinctive style and cultural significance.

Notable regions known for their pompom tassels:

Chiapas, MX. Photo by Roger Ce
  1. Chiapas: Located in southern Mexico, Chiapas is renowned for its vibrant textiles and embroidery. The tassels made in this region often feature intricate floral motifs and bright color combinations.
  2. Oaxaca: Oaxaca is another state known for its rich textile traditions. The tassels produced here often incorporate traditional Zapotec designs and bold color schemes.
  3. Puebla: Puebla is famous for its Talavera pottery, but it also has a tradition of producing embroidered pompom tassels. The tassels from this region often feature delicate embroidery and pastel color palettes.

The cultural significance of embroidered pompom tassels in Mexico is multifaceted. They are widely used in traditional Mexican clothing, especially in festive attire worn during celebrations and holidays.  Attached to dresses, blouses, shawls, and accessories such as belts and bags – you’ll notice them right away!

They also cary symbolic and cultural meanings. They are believed to bring good luck, ward off evil spirits, and serve as a form of protection. Additionally, they show off the talents of Mexican artists!

Today, these beautiful tassels have gained popularity beyond Mexico’s borders and can be found in various global markets, as they are appreciated for their vibrant aesthetics and cultural significance.

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