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Easy DIY: Dia de Los Muertos marigold flower crown

This is the perfect time of the year to make a Dia de Los Muertos marigold flower crown! Here is an easy method to make a beautiful one!

Flower crown craft made from orange tissue paper flowers for Day of the Dead.
Here’s a finished Dia de Muertos flower crown you can totally make!

Dia de Los Muertos marigold flower crown

Day of the Dead is November 1st and 2nd and is a time when we honor our loved ones and ancestors who have passed away. The marigold flower – cempasúchil – is a bold orange color, like the sun.

It has a strong aroma to guide spirits home for the day. 

While we often think of ofrendas, pan de muerto, calavera masks, sugar skulls and painted faces for Día de muertos, the floral crown is also meaningful. While traveling in Mexico, I often see street vendors making elaborate versions, and they inspire me to make them too! It’s much easier than you think, so let’s make one together. It will look FABULOUS! 

Photo credit: Alejandro Munoz.

Your finished crown will radiate with gorgeous energy, delightful design, and symbolic significance. Wear it with a fancy dress or go casual with jeans and a tee. Go to a Day of the Dead celebration or an intimate fiesta. You’ll fit in everywhere. 

The flower crown is universal! Even Frida Kahlo loved to make and wear crowns with flowers from her garden – juicy roses, tulips, and marigolds were common. 

But for these step-by-step instructions, we’re focusing on Día de los Muertos.

You can create a fresh flower crown or one using silk flowers. I usually go for the latter because I like to keep my crowns for future use. 


– Fabric or plastic headband

– Gold zip ties (medium and long), snip off the edges at the crease.

– Silk or paper marigold flowers, about 4″ round (or make your own, here is my tutorial for DIY tissue paper marigolds)

– Glue (Tacky Glue or hot glue gun is recommended)

– Micro stars

– Small crystals


Prepare the Headband:

dia de los muertos flower crown

   Begin by ensuring that the headband is clean and free of any debris. Lay it flat on a work surface. 

Add zip ties:

Dia de Los Muertos Flower Crown

Loop a gold zip tie around the headband, pulling it tight. Attach the rest of the zip ties so they are all facing the same way and flush with the headband. Add the taller zip ties and then fill in with the shorter ones. Don’t use too short of zip ties, because the flowers will cover them.

Add Flowers:

Dia de Los Muertos Flower Crown

 Before hot gluing the flowers, position them on the headband to get an idea of the design. Think about the size and color of each flower, placing larger flowers at the center or focal points and smaller ones around or in between.Once you’ve decided on the placement, add glue and hold the flower against the headband. 

Add micro stars and crystals:

Dia de Los Muertos Flower Crown

Using your glue, start attaching the micro stars and small crystals to the petals of the silk flowers. These embellishments will add a festive sparkle to the crown. Allow ample time for the glue to dry, especially if you’re using a heavier adhesive.

Fill in gaps:

Dia de Los Muertos Flower Crown

Once your primary flowers are in place, you may notice gaps or areas where the headband is visible. Use smaller flowers, leaves, or even clusters of micro stars and crystals to fill in these spaces. 


Dia de Los Muertos Flower Crown

After all elements are attached, you can slightly adjust the flowers and decorations by gently bending their stems or repositioning them. Once satisfied with the appearance, let the crown sit for a few hours to ensure that any glue is fully set and dried. Add hot gluew on the back to secure everything!


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Wearing this flower crown for hours? Ensure the underside (where zip ties are cut) is smooth so it doesn’t irritate your skin. Line with small pieces of soft fabric or felt over any rough spots, secure them with glue.

Fresh flowers: Attach by the stems with smaller zip ties.

Great idea! Once your zip ties are attached (but before you add flowers) add a coat of gold glitter spray!

I hope you make a Day of the Dead flower crown, but most of all I hope you have a beautiful Dia de Muertos!

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I made an ofrenda headdress! Same concept, just more elaborate!


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– Use natural materials.

Fresh flowers like real marigolds, roses, or other vibrant flowers have a rich scent and appearance. However, they won’t last as long as artificial ones. Dried flowers can offer a rustic, vintage look to your crown.

– Incorporate beads and charms.

Drape beaded chains between flowers for a boho look or attach small skull charms or other Day of the Dead-themed trinkets. Use lace and ribbons for texture. Intertwine delicate lace between flowers for a vintage touch or use colorful ribbons that dangle down the back, especially if they’re in traditional Mexican colors or patterns.

– Create a specific theme.

Small sugar skulls can be added, or butterflies, symbolizing the souls of the departed. Oooh, how about bright feathers to add height?  

– Use different flowers and add glitter!

Lightly brush flowers with glue and sprinkle glitter. Attaching rhinestones to the center of flowers, or scatter throughout the crown. Foliage and greenery, such as ivy, ferns, eucalyptus, or other plants, can add volume and a natural touch.

– Light it up.

Intertwine battery-operated LED fairy lights within the crown to make it glow in the dark, perfect for nighttime celebrations. Use a wire crown base for a more natural, wreath-like shape. Floral wire is great to craft a custom-sized crown, especially useful for children or larger hairstyles. Ribbons, beaded chains, or even yarn, can cascade down the sides or back!.

– Incorporate la cultura y familia.

Remember, this Dia de Los Muertos flower crown is not just a decorative accessory, but a symbol of celebration and remembrance. While aesthetics are essential, imbuing the crown with personal meaning or family traditions makes it more meaningful.

dia de los muertos flower crown


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