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How to make cascarones (confetti eggs)

Here is how to make cascarones!

Easter isn’t simply about hunting for treats and biting the ears off chocolate bunnies.

It’s also about having fun at other people’s expense – if you are into confetti eggs, also known as Cascarones. You can buy ready-made eggs at the grocery store, but how fun is that? Part of the payoff is knowing that you made them.

Visit a party store to choose from all kinds of confetti. I used small sequins in my eggs for a shiny effect. Confetti eggs also are great party favors all year.

sequin heart
Mini-sequins are great to put inside cascarones!

Paint them to match a baby shower or birthday party and fill them with small candies, a favorite quote or a small toy. But remember: When cracking them over someone’s head, tap the egg and squeeze it with your hand to make sure it opens.


1 dozen eggs with container
Water-based acrylics, brush, cup of water
Paint pen to draw designs
Steak knife
Confetti or sequins
Paper towels
Colored tissue paper
White craft glue



Working with one egg at a time, poke a hole at the bottom with the steak knife, just big enough to drain the egg. Let contents drip out.

Rinse the inside of the egg and rest it, hole side down, on the paper towel. When the eggs are dry inside, decorate the shell with watered-down acrylics. Pour a teaspoon of confetti inside the egg.

Glue a piece of tissue paper (matching the color of the egg) to seal the hole. Set the egg hole side up to dry. Paint and embellish the egg carton to match.

Tip: Only use a light coat of paint. Too much and the egg will be hard to crack.

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glitter and gold cascarones

Glitter and Gold Cascarones


crafty chica cascarones

Hand painted cascarones

talavera-inspired cascarones

Terra Cotta inspired cascarones


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  1. I remember these from Tucson Eat Yourself fairs when I was younger…but I always saw the egg installed in a long, thin cone of paper, decorated with tissue. I am sure this was for better distance from your victim – er, fellow party-goer. Anyway, I have 3 dozen hollowed eggs in my cupboard, just waiting for me to get off my duff!

  2. Oh I love these!! I first made them when I lived in Texas. Then introduced them to Marylanders when we lived there.. Now in Michigan.. well havent gotten that far yet… I used to work on the the eggs for a month so as not to waist the egg. they would be plenty dry by Easter time to fill them.. thanks for bring up this great memeory..!


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