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Outdoor crafts for kids

Here are some outdoor crafts for kids!

It is summertime, and kids love to play outside in the sun all day long. Sometimes, it is a good idea to give them some crafts to let their creative juices flow while they enjoy the warm weather.

Why Should Your Kids Craft Outside?

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Crafting is a beneficial activity for your child’s development. We know that!

It allows them to improve their motor skills by manipulating their pencil or paintbrush. Their problem-solving skills benefit as well because the process of creating art involves a lot of analysis and experimenting with different materials.

And making the kiddos step into the sunshine is a nice break away from screens!

Here are a few outdoor crafts for kids you should try!

Make garden decorations

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Making something that you can add to your garden is not only fun, but it will be a conversation starter when you have guests.

Rock painting, sun catchers, birdhouses – the classics!

You could also try making beautiful nature mandalas to decorate your garden path or any bare portions of your garden. A mandala is a circular piece of art that spreads from the middle. You can use flowers, sticks, leaves, and anything else you can find in the garden to beautify your landscaping!

Outdoor paintings

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Have your kids try their hand at some outdoor painting in your backyard. Painting outdoors doesn’t have to be with boring paintbrushes and paper; you can do it on a much larger scale. The outdoors gives more room for a mess, so you can try a project using water guns or water balloons filled with paint to shoot onto a canvas. You can even paint with your hands and feet. Make outdoor painting as fun as it can be for your children!

Nature sculptures

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Nature walks are certainly fun, as you will be having a little adventure with your kids finding materials for an art project, like building a sculpture. A “nature sculpture” can be made from any material as long as you can keep it standing. Go on a nature walk to find sticks, stones, pine cones, leaves, and more. Then, add paint, glitter, and more when you get home.

Let your kids truly be creative with this project. They’ll have a blast trying to keep their natural materials standing up! Once the “nature sculptures” are complete, you can line your garden or porch with the fun pieces of art handmade by your children.

Outdoor puppet show

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It can be exciting to create a stage and puppets for a puppet show. Use some branches and large leaves to make a stage, then have various objects for the props and the puppets. A pine cone owl or a rock painted with a face are some ideas your children can use to make puppets!

Doing a puppet show is not only fun but is great for your child’s cognitive skills, too. You can help them write a script for the show to help them develop their ability to read fast and attach meaning to words. 

Staying active outdoors is important, and it can be fun! Join your children outside and have some family craft time before the summer ends.

Painted cactus rocks

Easy summer crafts for kids
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Invite the little ones to paint a cactus garden using rocks. You can also use pavers and those as well!

Make terrariums

Make use of unused glass jars or planters and gather up materials from the yard to create a cute terrarium.

Build a fort

Outdoor crafts for kids

You can have them use markers and crayons to decorate boxes and then build a fort in the backyard. Use sheets, blankets, whatever you have one hand!

Here are other ideas for outdoor crafts for kids

Nature Collage: Collect leaves, flowers, sticks, and stones during a nature walk. When you get back, use glue to arrange and stick your finds onto a piece of cardboard or heavy paper to create a beautiful nature collage.

Stick Wind Chimes: Collect sticks of different lengths and tie them together with string or yarn at different heights to create a simple wind chime. You can paint the sticks or add beads for extra decoration.

Flower Pressing: Pick various flowers and leaves and press them between the pages of a heavy book or use a flower press if you have one. After a week or two, you can use the pressed flowers to make bookmarks, cards, or decorate picture frames.

Fairy or Dinosaur Garden: Use a shallow container, potting soil, and small plants to create a miniature garden. Add small figurines, stones, and other decorations to create a magical fairy or dinosaur garden.

Bubble Painting: Mix food coloring with bubble solution and use bubble wands to blow colored bubbles onto paper. The bubbles will burst leaving unique and colorful patterns.

These activities are not only fun but also a great way for kids to explore their creativity and connect with nature.

Hope you liked these idea for outdoor crafts for kids!

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