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10 Party Prep Tips to Make Your Life Easier

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Glad®. The opinions and text are all mine.

Outdoor party season has arrived! From three-day weekend BBQs to birthday parties, there is always some kind of gathering going on. Our parties involve at least two dozen people and I’ve learned if I don’t prep the right way, things can get out of hand with waste. So I was all in when it came to this Glad® OdorShield® Gain™ Original Scent with Febreze® trash bag campaign. I thought it would be a great reason to share my best tips for party prepping. You may already do a lot of these things, but if not, I hope they come in handy. And be sure to add your own tips in the comments!

Tip #1 – Use these Glad Odorshield Gain Original Scent trash bags! These are the trash bags we use in our house because not only are they super strong, reinforced, and stretchy, they smell nice and fresh – even when they are full and ready to be tossed out! We cook a lot with onions at dinner and such and it’s nice to be able to clean off the plates into the trash and not have the smell linger. I didn’t realize until this campaign that there is an actual 5-day Odor Control Guarantee for these bags. The neutralize the odor and I love that they keep everything smelling clean. I like that when we change out the trash bag and put the old one out in the bin, it doesn’t stink! Not to mention if the bags stay in the garage overnight. One less thing to stress about.


You can find the Glad Odorshield Gain Original Scent trash bags at most grocery stores, and they even come in a variety of scents! Here’s a coupon for you too! Save $2 on any one Glad OdorShield Trash Bags (15ct. and higher).


Tip#2 – Labels your trash bins for your guests! How many times to people ask, “Where’s the trash?’ or “Do you have a recycle trash can?” Make it easy for them. I picked up some chalkboard stickers and used them on the outside of my trash cans. I put them in plain site. It makes clean up so much easier!


You can also place a box of the Glad Odorshield Gain Original Scent trash bags nearby so people can change it as needed.


Tip #3: Cover EVERYTHING in plastic wrap! Lord knows there are flies and plant debris coming from all directions. I love Glad® Press n’ Seal®, it’s easy to place on containers or plates and remove as needed. Even though it sounds like a no-brainer, people don’t do this enough. It also prevents from people sneezing or coughing into the food. Again, this is for outdoor gatherings, inside, you could use fancier covers.


#4: Have a variety of bulk beverages and ways to distribute and garnish them. Buying soda and bottled water can get expensive. But if you plan ahead and make large coolers of tea, punch, lemon water, etc, you’ll have plenty of liquids to keep everyone hydrated and happy! Also, when you think about the extras that people leave behind in water bottles and cans, this will definitely cut down on that! Use pitchers for the table tops, and have a garnish area with fun items that people can put in their beverages.


Tip #5: Create a cup staton with a permanent marker. This is so people can jot their name down on their cup and take ownership. This is perfect for gatherings with lots of kids. And, don’t go for the giant cups, people will have a tendency to fill them to the top, then not drink it all! Use 8-ounce or 12-ounce cups.

Tip #6: Make signs for all the edibles! You can use paper tents, or mini chalkboards like these. Write the name of the food so people will know exactly what they are getting. You can even list ingredients, like “this contains nuts” for food allergies. Or onions or jalapenos, etc.


Tip #7: Before your party, ask if anyone has any food allergies. I was at a gathering recently where there were several gluten free guests and the hostess felt absolutely awful that she didn’t have anything to offer them as an entree. If it’s family, you can remember, but try to remember to ask ahead of time for a head count.


Tip #8: Put a damp dish towel on each table for spills. If you have sticky foods, you can even make a little caddy with utensils, hand wipes, napkins, straws and a dish towel.


Tip #9: Have a special package of study paper plates for those who need to take a plate to-go. Also so that you can pack leftovers for guests to take home. No waste!


Tip #10: Put out paper fans at each table. There is always someone who is hot and sweaty – moms and nanas! You can pick up some fun fans at the party store!

Have fun and enjoy the party! Allow yourself to relax and hang out with your friends and family.

What are some of your best tips? Thank you so much to Glad for inviting me to be a part of this fun campaign! WE ARE READY TO PARTY! Don’t forget your coupon! 


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