Pero Like..check out my daughter’s new gig!

My daughter, Maya, is now a full-time working adult living in Los Angeles – she is one of the cast members for Buzzfeed’s Pero Like channel, sharing her comedy skills! Wow, she grew up fast, right? How, why, when? That’s what I’m still thinking.

You can find Pero Like here on YouTube and here on Facebook.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while might remember how I would always share her YouTube videos here on my site. All of you have been so supportive of her, thank you! I’m proud that she took her passion and turned into a legit full-time gig.

In her role, she has to come up with ideas for videos, storyboard them, pitch them, cast, shot and edit them. It’s a lot of work on a short schedule but she loves the experience. I’m glad she learning how to work with a team, because lord knows how many hours she spent alone in her bedroom as a one-chica operation!

Here are some of my favorite Maya videos she has made and produced in her new job, hope you like them too! (Leave a comment on the YT or FB page if you do, and a thumb’s up!)

I Got Styled By Curly

When You’re Too Scared to Answer the Door

If Your Life Was like Mi Vida Loca

If Your Makeup Could Talk

When You Suck at Being Latina

Can You Pass the Mexican Slang Test?

Here are some others!

When That Cuban Coffee Hits

Posted by Pero Like on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

When Your Chismosa Powers Backfire

Posted by Pero Like on Friday, January 27, 2017

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  1. Maya is just getting better all the time…..So happy for her….Looks like she is loving her job…..You raised a very special daughter. Love her hair….

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