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DIY Milagro Shoes


This DIY milagro shoes project is perfect for the season. This is an idea Maya gave me, she wanted a pair of everyday heels spruced up with silver milagros. I came across this picture of Christian Louboutin milagro-trimmed shoes and became inspired…

diy milagro shoes inpsiration

Let’s get practical

Even though these shoes are gorgeous, Maya wanted something way more practical and comfortable. Did I mention she wears size 11 (she’s tall!)? I figured it would be a challenge to find the perfect black heels in that size, but I gave it a try!

I visited several shops and eventually found a pair at Savers, ready to be transformed. 

You can apply milagros to any style of shoes, but just make sure the shoe’s surface is porous so the glue will attach. 

cermaic day of the dead skulls
Funny thing about shopping – detours happen!

I came across these two Day of the Dead ceramic skulls for $5.99 each! Score!

OK, back to this DIY milagro shoes project! Honestly, I was so overwhelmed at the shoe section I spaced out taking a picture! They not only had size 11 shoes, but an entire section for size 10 and up.

DIY milagro shoes supplies needed
Here’s what I found! Size 11 closed toe wedges, black! Brand new and very clean. Maya actually likes them better than traditional heels because she says they are more comfy.

Supplies for DIY milagro shoes:

Milagros (I buy milagros online)

Permanent adhesive

Chopstick or toothpick to apply the glue
a pile of pewter milagros

Getting started

Dust and clean the shoes.

Look at your shoes and where you want to place the milagros. That’s the hardest part, getting down the design!
DIY milagro shoes, prepping glue to add to shoes
Squeeze some glue into a small bowl or piece of foil and use a chopstick or toothpick to pick up a drop and place a milagro on the shoe.

Again – make sure you know your design first because you don’t want to leave a glue smear!
DIY milagro shoes, adding paint
After I glued all of the milagros, I felt like I either needed more milagros (which I didn’t have) or something for filler.

I used dimensional paint to fill in the open areas and I filled in the back part of the shoes as well!

DIY milagro shoes

I love how they turned out and so did Maya!

diy milagro shoes

What do you think? Excited to try something like this?

You could also apply these to a purse or stitch milagros onto a jeans jacket.

DIY milagro shoes

Love making over shoes?

Here are some other ideas!

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DIY milagro shoes by CraftyChica.com

Thanks for checking out my project! If you make a pair of milagro Shoes, be sure to share it and me!

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  1. Ooh, I love these! Thanks so much for sharing. I have a some milagros just waiting to be used in a project, and will have to keep an eye out for a suitable pair of shoes that I can embellish. :]


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