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How to make a corn husk wreath + 5 corn husk crafts


If you are interested in corn husk crafts – Here is how to make a corn husk wreath! I’ve had a lot of requests for this one, so here it is! It is a featured project from my book, La Casa Loca: Latino Style Comes Home.

And then scroll down to see other corn husk crafts to make!

How to make a corn husk wreath

Do you love tamales but don’t like to make them? Here’s a way to get crafty and still celebrate our favorite savory holiday treat. Make a wreath!

This is an easy project, great for any skill level. However, it does take patience because you have to gently fold and pin each hoja.

corn husk crafts

1 foam or straw wreath
1 bag of hojas (dried corn husks)
Straight pins
Ribbon and embellishment for center bow

how to make a corn husk wreath - corn husk crafts

How to make a corn husk wreath:

Cut the pointy ends off the hojas.

Soak the hojas in water until they are soft.

Pat dry with paper towels.

Star with the center of the wreath, take one hoja and bend it in half and pin in place to the wreath. Do this all the way around in the same direction.

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how to make a corn husk wreath
Now do the same for the front of the wreath, except go in the opposite directions.

how to make a corn husk wreath
Do the outside of the wreath in the opposite direction from the front. Hot glue an embellishment on the front.

Attach your embellishment on the top.

And that’s how you make a cornhusk wreath, ready to show off the holidays!


Other ideas for your wreath:

Dye the corn husks, let dry and then follow the directions.

YouTube video

Cut them into smaller strips to make a small wreath.

Attach dried chiles for decoration.

Other corn husk wreath craft ideas:

Corn Husk Dolls: These traditional toys are simple to make. Soak the husks in water to make them pliable, then fold and tie them to form doll shapes. You can use twine for tying and markers or fabric scraps for additional detailing.

YouTube video

Corn Husk Flowers: Cut the husks into petal shapes and assemble them into flower forms. These can be dyed or painted, and added to a wreath or used as table decorations.

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Corn Husk Garland: String together dried husks or small corn husk dolls to create a unique garland. This can be draped over a mantle or used as a banister decoration.

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Corn Husk Angels: Similar to making dolls, you can craft angels by fashioning the husks into gowns and adding wings made from additional husks or other materials.

YouTube video


Corn husk weaving.

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These crafts are not only enjoyable to make but also add a warm, natural touch to holiday decor. Remember, when working with corn husks, it’s often easier to manipulate them when they are moist, so soaking them beforehand can be helpful.



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