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Best Holiday Wreaths – Mexi-Style!

Hey everyone! As we gear up for the holiday season, I wanted to share some awesome Latin-inspired wreath ideas to bring a touch of our vibrant culture to our homes. 

After all, it isn’t only about the Christmas tree! There are plenty of other gorgeous, DIY decorations you can make! And, we love making holiday wreaths! There is just something about making your own wreath!

Wreaths are a fantastic way to add a festive flair to your space, and with a Latin twist, they become even more special. You can make any of the wreaths you see listed below, by using a real Christmas wreath (using fresh evergreens and branch tips). Or you can just buy a plain store-bought wreath with artificial Christmas greenery (personal preference!). 

Mexican Christmas wreath

Best Holiday Wreaths 

Whatever you decide, these handmade wreath ideas will hopefully give you endless ideas for the best wreaths to make! Let’s dive into some of the best holiday wreaths!

Here are some fabulous Mexican wreath ideas! Especially if you are looking for a Mexican Christmas wreath to make! I made this wreath because I bought some pan dulce ornaments and thought they deserved a bigger limelight than the branches on my Christmas tree.

Me Vale Creations pan dulce ornaments for my Mexican Christmas. wreath

How cute these are! I bought them from Me Vale Creations, and immediately hung them on my tree. But my holiday decor was a bit too busy and I felt the ornaments got lost behind the purple branches and sequins lucha masks I’d hung.

I happened to be shopping for groceries and came across a big display of wreaths. Of course, I scooped one up (future Kathy made me do it) and when I arrived home, I knew what I needed to do!

Hello pan dulce ornaments! Those, along with a bunch of other supplies I’d been hoarding: Mini succulents, tissue flowers, silk roses, even a little birdie. 

Here’s how I made this Mexican Christmas Wreath


Pan dulce from @mevalecreations ❤️ #LearnOnTikTok #TikTokPartner #diywreath #holidaytiktok #holidaycrafts

♬ Falso Amor – Antologia & Agua Marina

Mexican Christmas wreath

Here’s a close up of my Mexican Christmas wreath!

To make this I started with the pan dulce ornaments, then I hot glued the flowers, the succulents and filled in with velvet flowers.

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Mexican Christmas wreath

For the heart, I had made a resin heart earlier this year and glittered it up.

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What should I make with it? #LearnOnTikTok #glittered #corazon #holidaytiktok #TikTokPartner

♬ original sound – M Y R E E K

It worked great as the centerpiece. This was such a relaxing project. I just let my intuition guide me and I love how it turned out! Thanks for checking out my Mexi-wreath project!

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Other Mexican Christmas wreath ideas:

Corn Husk Wreath

This is from my very first book and it still holds up strong. These are corn husks that have been softened and then pinned all around the wreath! Click on the link in the title for the complete directions!

corn husk wreath

Fiesta Flower Wreath by Designed Improvised

This is so gorgeous. I want to make one of these immediately!!!

Imagine a wreath bursting with bold reds, bright yellows, and deep greens. This wreath captures the essence of Latin celebrations and is sure to bring joy to all who see it. 

You can easily create this by incorporating colorful ribbons, brightly painted pine cones, and paper flowers!

Corona Navideña Mexicana by Carolina Lorta

Serape Wreath by OneofaKind Designs

So genius! And super easy!

Nopales Cactus Wreath by Hollie Madsie

Super cute, but be careful attaching those lights!


Wreaths from Mexico, these are sold here in Phoenix at Mexican Art Imports!

Mexican Christmas wreath

Other Mexican wreath ideas:

Tropical Flair Wreath

Latin America is known for its beautiful tropical landscapes, so why not bring that into your wreath? Consider using vibrant faux greenery and tropical flowers like hibiscus and bird of paradise, along with lush greenery to create a lush wreath that exudes the beauty of the tropics. 

This would make for a beautiful outdoor Christmas wreath to hang on your front door. Just make sure you have a door hanger for your wreath to hang on!

Papel Picado Wreath

papel picado


Papel picado, or intricately cut paper banners, are a staple of Latin American fiestas. Incorporating papel picado into a wreath adds a delicate and festive touch. 

You can either use pre-cut papel picado or try your hand at making your own for a personalized touch. This makes for a simple wreath that will fit in with your other Christmas decorations!

Merry and Bright Wreath

In many Latin American countries, the holiday season is all about family, joy, and togetherness. A wreath adorned with battery-operated lights, colorful ornaments, and maybe even a mini piñata or two captures the spirit of a Latin American holiday celebration. You can even add some bright red berries to make it really stand out!

Cascarones Wreath

Incorporate colorful Cascarones (confetti-filled eggshells) into a wreath for a festive and playful touch. You can add things like painted poinsettias, fresh greenery, berry clusters, and natural materials to fill it out and make it your own.

Tropical Fruit Wreath

Use artificial tropical fruits like pineapples, bananas, and mangoes to create a fun and unique wreath that represents the abundance of Latin American produce. This would look beautiful over a fireplace mantel or over a window!

Cuban Cigar Wreath

For a touch of Cuban flair, consider using mini decorative cigars and magnolia leaves to craft a wreath that pays homage to the rich cultural heritage of Cuba. This would be the perfect holiday decoration for the ‘man cave’, in a study or office. 

Salsa Dance Wreath

Add mini maracas, dance shoes, and musical notes to a wreath to capture the lively spirit of salsa music and dance. You can buy all this stuff from your local dollar store or craft stores. Add a big bright red ribbon bow to the wreath to really make it pop!

Chile Pepper Ristra

YouTube video

It’s not quite a wreath, but still looks fabulous! Tie chiles together and hang in your kitchen or on your patio for a punchy aromatic vibe!

Mexican Fiesta Wreath

YouTube video

Use a small serape blanket as the base of the wreath and adorn it with festive accents like mini sombreros and maracas for a colorful and lively look. 

You can buy a wreath form (if needed for the shape) at your local hobby and craft store. This wreath would be a beautiful addition to your holiday decorations.


Lighted Copper Wreath

Lighted Copper Wreath tutorial by Crafty Chica.

This lighted copper wreath is so easy to make and doesn’t take that many things to make! All you need is battery-powered fairy lights, Mexican tissue flowers, copper coil, copper cutter, and a micro-torch for soldering (and a few other things!). Click the link above to find out how to make this!

These Latin-inspired best Christmas wreaths are a wonderful way to infuse your holiday decor with the rich and diverse traditions of Latin American culture. You can hang these DIY holiday wreaths on your front door for outdoor use or you can hang the festive wreath on your wall for some holiday cheer! 

Enjoy crafting and celebrating with these vibrant and festive designs with your family and friends! We like to set up a table and invite family and friends over at the very beginning of December and craft these beautiful Mexican style wreaths together! So much fun! And something we look forward to every year!

Whether you are making DIY paper wreaths or fresh wreaths, making these wreaths is a great way to get into the festive spirit! Which Latin-inspired wreath is your favorite from the list above? Let me know in the comments below!

It’s a wonderful way to honor loved ones in the holiday spirit and add a unique touch to your holiday decor.

I hope these Mexican wreath ideas gave you inspiration!

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