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Floral lights as seen on HGTV

I featured these on HGTV’s Craft Lab last week and thought I’d repost them here!

This is a really fun project that is perfect for patio parties, table displays, or just to give your room a fantasy flair!


1 light string strand of 50 or less.
Silk flowers
Hot glue

Directions: Remove the flowers from the stems. Start with one flower at a time and take it apart, but keep all the pedals together in proper order. Now snip the holes at the bottom of the leaves and pedals, just big enough to slip over the casing of the light bulb. Hot glue the leaves, and then the pedals to the plastic casing, not on the glass bulb. Basically what you are doing is putting hte flower back together over the bulb, exactly as it was. Once the flower is rebuilt over the bulb’s casing, add a hit of hot glue inside the inner pedal to the plastic.

Glue on crystals to the pedals if desired.

Continue until they are all done!

NOTE: Always unplug your lights when not in use! You can also use battery-operated light strings. For a really cool look – use the battery-operated strand and insert the whole floral light strand inside a large glass vase!

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