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12 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day

Hi! I’m Theresa, Kathy’s little sister. I’m taking over her blog today to show how to celebrate National Dog Day! What better way to celebrate than man’s best friend? No one deserves a special day more than our four-legged companions. They give us unconditional love and are always excited to see us when we come home or wake up or look at them or pick up their favorite toy or grab the leash or … O.K., you get the picture.

Here are 12 sincere ways to let your pup know just how much you love them.

1. This is obvious, but take the time to give your dog extra cuddles. It’s no doubt that your canine bestie(s) think you’re the coolest person in the world to hang out with, so spend a few more minutes of your day with them. Just look at how excited this pug is to be re-united with their owner after being separated.


YouTube video


2. Take them to their favorite pet store for a new toy. A couple of my doggy’s faves are the croc from Kong’s Cozi line  and the Booda Tail-Spin Flyer. The Cozi toys are durable, yet soft and, well, cozy. Booda’s flyer is soft, comes in various sizes and provides for hours of fun.

Here I am at the pet store with my dog, Bronte when she was a puppy.


3. Take a walk, or a soul-searching car ride journey. If your dog is well, a dog, it’s a good bet that they love to explore the great outdoors, even if that’s just walking down the sidewalk or taking a stroll at the park. Exercise their sniffer and their paws, you’ll both reap the benefits!

Now…if your dog prefers to be chauffeured, you can go that route too!

This is my dog, Rocco, he loves car rides.


4. It’s a good day for a special treat. We’re not talking your average piece of rawhide. We mean the good stuff, like the Lickety Stik (bacon is my pups top choice),  or a bully stick (Check your local, indie pet shops for the best offerings). I suggest the braided ones since they are more durable and are the best value. You could also find a recipe and make your pooch a homemade treat, here are some recipes!


5. Watch a dog-friendly movie with your canine buddy. What dog-lover doesn’t adore Disney/Pixar classics like “Lady and the Tramp,” “101 Dalmatians,” or “Up.” “Best in Show,” for a good laugh or “My Dog Skip,” for a good cry. Here’s a list from iHeartDogs.com. And here is a scene from Lady and the Tramp!

YouTube video

6. A healthy dog is a happy dog. Take some time to make sure your dog is updated on all their shots, give them a bath, including cleaning their ears, eyes, anal glands and trim their nails.

This is my former doggie, Lola when she was a puppy. These days she lives in Heaven, eating all the dog treats she can fit in her mouth!

7. Teach them a new trick. If you don’t have the time or a place to go for a walk, play at home with their favorite toy or play their favorite game. Fetch, hide-and-seek or my Shih-Tzu’s favorite game, “rub my belly.” 😉 Or teach them to catch a sock, like we did with Kathy’s dog, Bootsie!

YouTube video


8. Snap a few dolfies (dog-selfies) – or even make a Vine! Show the world just how adorable and in love you and your canine BFF really truly are. Because, come on, you are.

Doggie cuddles are good for the soul.

9. Visit a local shelter with your dog. And maybe, if you’re able to, you can find a new friend for your pup or you can find ways to volunteer and help other dogs in need.

Kathy’s dog, Punky, an adopted dog.

10. Create a day-long snapchat story of how you’re spending #NationalDogDay. Also, create a cute meme, starring your doggie!

The day I took Bronte to the dog park and she discovered MUD!


11. Have a portrait created of your dog! These were created by OffTheWallPaintings.com


12. Paint a custom dog dish! Visit your local pottery studio to paint a custom bowl, they’ll fire it for you too!


O.K., let’s be real here, EVERY day is dog day. We simply adore our pooches. We miss them as soon as we leave for the day and can’t wait to get home to them all day. We spoil them and love them and appreciate just how much love and happiness they bring to each and every day of our lives. So, no matter how you celebrate, always remember you’re dog will love you just the same!

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