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How to make a book from one sheet of paper

Make a mini book from a sheet of scrapbook paper, CraftyChica.com

Here’s how to make a book from one sheet of paper! It’s so easy to make a scrapbook paper mini book! I’m talking ONE sheet of paper!

The magic is all in the folding. I saw this idea online and had to try it and give it my own twist. I used it as a little photo album using my Sprocket printer (affilaite link).

Check out my video tutorial HERE, but if you want to see the step-by-step photo process of this scrapbook paper mini book, check out my tutorial at MyPrintly.com.

Speaking of MyPrintly…

Today I celebrated three years as an HP ambassador! The company flew our group of fifteen out to San Diego this week for a brainstorming and a pep talk. I love working with HP because they love and appreciate DIY bloggers. They know we are passionate about crafts and gave us so many ideas and tips to create even better content.

Here I am with my good friend Jade from Jaderbomb.com and Heather from DollarStoreCrafts.com. We were assigned to create a 30-second video – in only 20 minutes. We had four groups and each video was so creative and clever!

How to make a book from one sheet of paper – Supplies:

stitched scrapbook paper

1 sheet of paper

Bone folder or old gift card


Dry or wet adhesives


how to make a book from one sheet of paper



Part One:

Fold your sheet of paper in half.

Then fold it again into quarters.

One more time so it is folded into eighths.

Part two:

Open your paper so that it is folded in half – the hamburger fold.

Now cut halfway across the middle from the fold to the crease.

Open your paper it will have the cut in the middle.

Part three:

Hold the two sides, with the slit at the top and close the ends to create the pages.

how to make a book from one sheet of paper



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Tracey, a photog I met recently, gave me some really sound advice. She said not to wait to take photos only when I have a big event or a finished project to shoot but to practice in daily life at my own pace. Know the importance of “seeing” before “shooting” and always seeking a new perspective, not just the most obvious.

Turn off the auto setting and learn to embrace the manual setting. *Bites nails*

At first, I shuttered. But I know she’s right. I’m always talking about “leveling up,” so I have to apply it to my skills too. I have to push myself to learn these new skills to deliver better pictures for all of you! 🙂

I’m off to pack (I just came home from San Diego an hour ago!) for my trip to Kansas City tomorrow! Make sure to follow my Instagram Stories, I share all the behind-the-scenes crafty action over there! I’m going to be teacing a social media class and teaching a ceramics art class too.

Let me know if you make this scrapbook paper mini book. It’s kinda like a zine, it’s just a matter of folding and snipping the paper!

Bye for now!

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