How to make concha jewelry! #craftychica #conchaearrings #mexicanpastries #pandulce #polymerclay

How to Make Heart Concha Jewelry

How to make concha jewelry! #craftychica #conchaearrings #mexicanpastries #pandulce #polymerclay

Hungry for some heart concha jewelry that looks good enough to eat? I spent a lot of 2018 making concha earrings, and got so burnt out, I stopped. But I received a healthy amount of requests for a tutorial, so I went for it this week!

The first thing – I wanted to put a spin on the process, so I made hearts! Here’s my video of how I did it!

Supplies for concha jewelry!

Brown and hot pink polymer clay

Mini-heart cookie cutter

Large glass pebble

Pink craft paint

Craft knife

Earring findings, jewelry pliers

Super glue

Water-based sparkle varnish, paint brush

Water-based high gloss varnish

Heart concha earrings!

How to make heart concha jewelry

Pinch off equal amounts of clay. Roll and flatten each one. Cut out the heart shape and place it over the pebble to get a nice shape.

Cut strips from the pink clay and place on the heart so it looks like the topping of a concha. Insert a short eye pin.

Place on a cookie sheet and bake in the oven according to package directions. Remove, let cool. Add a drop of glue to the eye pin.

Coat the top with paint, let dry, then add sparkle varnish, let dry and then add top coat varnish. Let dry and attach earring hooks.

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