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Spring DIYs to brighten your mood

In the mood for spring DIYs? I got your. covered! This time of year it’s natural to want to look ahead to the upcoming thaw of spring. Change up your accessories to welcome spring long before flowers bloom! Below are a few DIYs to help make it feel like spring has already sprung.

The hardest par to fall of this will be choosing which of these spring diys to try!

Spring DIYs #1: Watering Can Decoration

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This one gets extra points for creativity –it’s more of a door decoration than a wreath. Start with a watering can – an old one that you have or buy a new one.

The material and original color don’t matter because you’ll paint it a bright, springy color. 

Fill the painted watering can with a bouquet of fake flowers. First, place some floral foam in the base of the water can to help keep things in place. For the flowers, buy a pre-arranged bouquet or fake flowers. For the final step, attach wire to the back of the watering and hang.

Spring DIYs #2: Painted Cans as Vases

painted tin cans


Spring DIYs #3: Colander Planter

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For a fun pop of color in your indoor (or outdoor) kitchen, you can create a DIY colander planter.

First, you’ll need a colander. Upcycle an older one or buy a new one. Paint the outside of the colander a bright, spring color like yellow or lavender.

Attach twine or macrame to the handles and tie it at the top.  Lastly, add a plant, whether that’s an annual flower or herbs that you like to have hanging in your kitchen.

The colander will provide great drainage for your plant, but make sure to water it over a sink or tub since a lot of water will come out of the soil.

Plant a Garden and Make Mojitos!

How to make the perfect mojito! #craftychica #mojitorecipe


DIY Artful lighting for spring!

Whether you are on the porch on a moonlit night or in the house savoring a cup of cafecito – here are some cool lighting ideas to try. 

DIY artful lighting


Recycled Bottle Herb Garden

How to plant an herb garden. #craftychica #herbgarden


Fun Concrete Stepping Stones

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If you’re dreaming about being able to use your backyard again, you can start on your spring landscaping early by creating some DIY pavers for your backyard.

Start with some plain concrete pavers, or make your own from scratch!

Next, purchase some paint designed for concrete or other outdoor services. Since these pavers will be outside, you’ll want to make sure that you’re buying the right paint to tough out the elements. You can choose to paint the pavers one color for a more subdued look or you can use a stencil to create a fun pattern on them.

If you have outdoor furniture, consider matching the pavers to the fabric on any cushions or pillows you have.

Once the weather is more spring-like, you can find a spot in your yard or garden to place the pavers. Around 67% of landscaping projects happen in single-family homes, so you won’t be alone in giving your garden a fun new feature for the warm weather! Make sure that you don’t accidentally place them over perennial flowers that have yet to come above ground for the year.

Garden Art Banners

Pick up a drop cloth from the home improvement store and use tie dye, fabric paint, markers, etc to bring it to life. Make sure ot seal with a brush on varnish to make it weatherproof.

garden art banners


Freshen Up a Clutch

If you have an old clutch that you haven’t used in years, it’s a great time to upcycle it.

This is a very simple DIY — all you have to do is paint the outside of the clutch a color that is “in” this spring and you’ve got a new bag ready to go! You can even get crazy and use a stencil to add a pattern to it. Once the paint is completely dry, spray it with a paint sealer to make sure the paint doesn’t start chipping once you’re using the clutch out and about.

Gold Leaf Pots

Here’s a way to add some shimmer to your plants, but make it look worn and weathered. Or you can leave in pure gold too…


Look For Inspiration Everywhere

If none of these ideas seem like something you would want, you can keep looking for inspiration in places like social media platforms such as Pinterest or Facebook.

Spring is just around the corner, and one way to get excited about it is by doing some fun DIY crafts to brighten up your home and your look. Whether you’re creating a fun wreath or door decoration or you’re making a new face mask, you can start bringing spring into your life before the weather gets the memo.

What are your favorite spring DIYs? Did you try any of these? Let us know in the comments!

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