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DIY T shirt Christmas stockings


Hello DIY t-shirt Christmas stockings! This project is a two-for-one because not only are we recycling old shirts, we are making cool holiday stockings too!

This is such a cool way to customize a tradition. Rather than go for the usual red fur-trimmed version, you can incorporate mucho personality.

Where to find T-shirts

I don’t suggest cutting up a prized garment or collectors item, but you can visit the thirst store to find something close. You can go for music tees, or location and travel, or punny ones, you get the idea.

Photo by Francesco-Paggiaro, via Pexels.com


Another idea is to visit yard sales. You can even check with a local screen printer and ask for shirts on clearance.

The idea is some shirts are just too cool to leave buried in your dresser – or at the bottom of a laundry hamper.

These are a perfect example. I decided to make holiday stockings out of them!

Here is what you need to DIY T-shirt Christmas stockings:

Stocking to use as the pattern

Paper, big enough so you can trace the stocking
fabric for lining
fusible stabilizer
craft felt
sewing machine
white craft glue


astocking1 (1)


1. Trace the outline of the stocking onto paper.

2. Set the shirt out on a flat surface and set the pattern on top. Trace around it and cut out through both layers (NOTE: If you only want the front of the shirt, just use the top layer.

3. Do the same for the lining fabric.

4. Iron the stabilizer to both sides of the t-shirt cut outs. Iron to lining.

5. With both layers facing together, sew around the edges.

6. Take an 8×10 sheet of craft felt in a contrasting color and cut it in half width wise. Glue one at the top of one side of the stocking, and another on the other side. Trim up the sides so it is flush with the edges, hot glue the felt together up the sides.

7. Turn the stocking right side out and fold the felt over to make a cuff.

8. Hot glue trim as desired.


9. Add sparkle with glitter, crystals, and glitter spray!

10. Hot glue a ribbon so you can hang it.

SHORT CUT NO-SEW METHODS: Use no-sew glue and hold in place with clothespins.

DIY T-shirt Christmas stockings

Don’t you love how these turned out? It’s a great way to use up shirt you like but don’t want to throw away.


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