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9 crafty ideas to boost your creativity


Here are nine crafty ideas to boost your creativity! These are perfect to kickstart your creative energy for the season to come.

How many of you are still hanging out at home? These are some well-loved projects that I thought should make the rounds again. From sewing to tie-dye to painted shoes – there is something for all skill sets and personalities!

Okay, let’s do this! Here are nine super awesome crafty ideas to boost your creativity!

Squeegee art painting

I am obsessed and cannot wait to try this! It’s sooo easy. Simply place random dots and designs on paint on a flat surface and drag your squeegee down for a one-of-a-kind effect!

YouTube video


Tuft a rug!

This used to be my FAVORITE craft in high school. I even took a cut to my grade because I wanted to use my own design rather than the one my teacher gave us. Regardless, it’s time to revisit!

YouTube video


Repujado – Emboss all the things!

These are beautiful little treats you can use to hold affirmations, wishes, reminders – anything that fits. Decorate the outside of the box with tin from a soda can, the tutorial has all the directions.

These also make nice gifts to give out as random acts of kindness or even for Valentine’s Day. 

And for fortunes! Type up a bunch of good fortunes notes and place them in the boxes and randomly distribute them to friends and family.

repujado craft - crafty ideas to boost your creativity


DIY Disco Balls

Who would have thought disco balls would be a craft trend? I didn’t have that on my 2023 Bingo card, but here we are! and there are different variations! From painting a canvas to look like a disco ball to using an actualdisco ball to crafting one of these…

We gotta try this, right?

YouTube video


Layered Resin Art

This is resin leveled up! Make a cool collage art piece by layering resin with glitter, ephemera, and found objects.

crafty ideas to boost your creativity. layered resin collages

More crafty ideas for 2023!

Line art embroidery

In traditional embroidery, you’d end up with a hankie or a dish cloth, but this idea turns it into easy art! This idea has been around a bit, but it’s still considered a fun new idea if you want to try something relaxing and semi-easy.

I really love how she paints the canvas too!

YouTube video


Learn shibori folding to dye fabric 

Here is an artful way to dye your clothes – learn some folding techniques that will give a beautiful result. You can dye fabric and sew an outfit or buy a cotton garment, wash it and then apply this technique. 

crafty ideas to boost your creativity - shibori tie-dye


Prosperity plaques

It sounds too easy, but you gotta put in the work too. However, these crafty prosperity plaques are a nice asset to your office. Especially if you have a small business. You are worthy of prosperity and success.

Seeing these words and phrases daily will ingrain that energy into your brain and daily routines.

Pick up letters and wood plaques from the craft store and create a batch of plaques. Mix and match the items. This is a nice DIY to accompany your vision board. Make it a craft night with your friends!

crafty ideas to boost your creativity - goals


Soldered Affirmation Pendants

These are perfect to make using your word of the year or your phrase. They are chunky and fun – you can hang them on your wall, from a journal or use as a necklace pendant.

And you’ll learn a new skill, because we’re using a micro torch. You don’t HAVE to solder these pendants, but it’s nice to venture out of your normal crafty routine to learn something new.

I was terrified at first to use a micro torch, but then I kept using it until I became experienced. Now I love that I can add it to my arsenal of tools!

soldered pendants

Air-dry clay ring dishes

Ceramics are more popular than ever, but if you don’t have a kiln..what do you do? Use air-dry clay! Especially the terra cotta type, it is beautiful!

air dry clay ring dishes

Non-traditional flowers: DIY Soldered copper roses

Flower making is always a win, but how about REALLY stretching out of your comfort zone and making soldered copper roses. This one takes a bit patience but it’s so worth it!

copper roses - crafty ideas for 2023

I hope you enjoyed these crafty ideas for 2023, I want to make them all right now!

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