A Taste of Talavera Bracelet

A Taste of Talavera Bracelet
Designed and Decorated by Kathy Cano-Murillo
Get a taste of Talavera with this bracelet and choker, inspired by the beautiful designs of this popular style of Mexican tile and ceramic ware. Small wood hearts make a big statement with Crafty Chica™ Little Chica Paint Packs and Mojito Papers™ and Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue!




  1. Remove the paper that looks like talavera tiles from the Crafty Chica™ Mojito Papers™ pack and flip it over so the front is facing downward. Set one of the wood hearts on the paper and use a pencil to trace out seven or eight hearts. Cut hearts out.
  2. Glue each paper heart to a wood heart with Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue®. Let dry then trim excess paper around edges if needed.
  3. Squeeze some red paint from the Little Chica Paint Pack™ into a small mixing dish and add tiny dot of black, then mix to create a terra cotta color. Dip the end of paintbrush handle in mixture and use it to outline the top edges and sides of the hearts. Let dry.
  4. Drill a small hole on each side of all hearts. Use needle-nose pliers to connect hearts together to form bracelet. Wrap bracelet around your wrist to make sure it fits. Add lobster clasp to ends and connect.
  5. Coat the front of the bracelet hearts with Crafty Chica™ Glossy Gloss Varnish™ and let dry.


Make a necklace to match!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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Love & light,

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  1. This is an awesome project. It gives me some inspiration for how to use this huge package of little cut-out wooden hearts that I bought at a great price a really, really long time ago.

    On account of it’s totally okay to buy craft supplies and then store them for years because you don’t know what to do with them, right? The perfect project always comes along, if only you wait patiently.

  2. OOOH! One of my new favorite tutorials (you can tell, ’cause I reposted it on Scary CRAFT’s blog). I’m going to do one of these for myself!

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