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I’ve always been a fan of string art. A piece of wood, a few nails and colorful string can really go a long way. Here is an even simpler version I came up to get the kids involved. Instead of using a hammer and nails, use thumbtacks! You can choose from a variety of colors or use clear or white and paint them afterwards like I did here. I used sparkle yarn to make this heart, but you can try embroidery thread, eyelash yarn, kite string, whatever you want! Not to mention, once you tackle the heart shape, you can go on to other designs as well because the concept is so easy and fun!

What you’ll need

  • Wood base
  • Box of thumbtacks
  • Yarn, string, embroidery floss, ribbon, or eyelash yarn
  • Chalk
Helpful Tip:Never cut the yarn until the end, unless you are using different colors. It’s okay if the tacks are not pressed all the way down, just make sure they are anchored tightly to the wood.

Variations:You can have your child color the background of the wood with markers or a decoupage collage, then add the string art on top. You can use this method to create words, monograms, and other simple shapes. Even a silhouette of your child or family!

How to make it

  1. Draw design.Using the chalk, draw your heart on the wood. This really helps because it gives you a guideline to follow when you add the thumbtacks.
  2. Add thumbtacks.Create an outline of the heart using the thumbtacks. Press them in as far as you can. Now fill in the center of the heart with more thumbtacks. Rub off the chalk.
  3. Add yarn.Tie a loop at the end of the yarn and slip it over one of the tacks and press firmly on the tack to hold the yarn in place. Begin to wrap the yarn around the outside of the shape. Do not cut the yarn.
  4. Double wrap at the top of the heart.When you get to the center indentation of the heart, you’ll need to wrap it around the tack twice, then continue going around the heart. This will give you a perfect heart shape!
  5. Complete outline.Now that you have the outside shape of the heart, go ahead and wrap it around again.
  6. Fill in.Now fill in the heart with more yarn. Wrap the yarn around the tacks over and over inside the outline. Stop every so often to stand back and look at it to make sure it is nice and even.
  7. Tie off end.When you’re done, snip the yarn and secure it to the wood by slipping it under one of the tacks. You can also glue it in place as well. Add red paint to the tops of the tacks and to outline your wood piece to tie it all together.
  8. Done!Here you go! Doesn’t it look bright and cheery?
Love & light,

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