in the heights movie review

MOVIE REVIEW: In The Heights!

Before I go into my In the Heights movie review, I must confess – I’ve never seen Hamilton. Not even the Disney+ version. I did start it once, but it was during the holidays and I had to tend to gift wrapping and cooking duties. I’ve heard of In the

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Make a double corner folded card

Double Corner Folded Card Tutorial

I saw this double corner folded card technique on YouTube and knew I had to try it. Anything that offers a twist to tradition, I’m down. In this case, it’s stripping away the concept of the left-sided card and innovating with a new cut. It’s the same cardstock we use

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Make a display case

5 Ways to Make a Display Case

Here are five ways to make a display case! This is such a fun project that also comes in handy. We have collections of all kinds of things we have lovingly nicknamed chucolucos – cositas – basically, things. If you don’t tend to them, they can pile up and even

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Crafty Chica Paper Craft Line: Customer Projects!

Have you seen the Crafty Chica product line on HSN? I had my second appearance in early May and it has been so fun to see all the awesome projects customers have been making with the papers, dies, stamps, and other items I designed. I partnered with The Maker’s Movement

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Pan Dulce Snack Board + Mas Ideas!

Let’s make a pan dulce charcuterie board! Okay – I know we’ve all been making pan dulce snack boards since forever, and charcuterie is French. But we’re in a pandemic and I’m just tryin’ to have some fun and share creativity.  I’m sure you have seen those beautiful meat, cheese,

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Craft supplies

The Importance of Using Sustainable Crafting Materials

Sustainable environments support health and well-being in an ecosystem. It helps to protect the world from the air and environmental pollution, which gives rise to other harmful diseases. By maintaining sustainability and recycling processes, we can save our environment and natural resources in the long run, so future generations can

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mothers day crafts

Mother’s Day: Get Crafty With Your Mom!

Get crafty with your mom! For reals –  flowers, and chore coupons are nice, but all moms really want is chill time. So here are some ideas to help her relax and flex her creativity. The last thing we want is for madre to break a sweat or stress! I

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Kathy Cano-Murillo

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30 life lessons from Dad

Here are 30 life lessons from dad – my dad. I made this piece to put on my dad’s headstone today. I know it will be removed, but that’s okay! My dad always expected me to make him things, so why should that change now? I wrote all the things

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My kids flew the coop & I grew a set of wings

“Don’t you dare touch my room,” Maya instructed last July, right before she stepped in her newly purchased Toyota Yaris to leave for Los Angeles. “It’s still my room, I’ll only be gone for three months. Please leave it as is!” I nodded in agreement, excited to have a new option

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