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Valentine DIY: Corazón candy tins w/ faux frosting

Check out this Valentine DIY: Corazón candy tins w/ faux frosting!

Valentine party favors aren’t just for formal heart-themed gatherings. Everyday life is a party.

Why not make a batch of little gifts to pass out to friends, family, even acquaintances all year long?

The magic to this project is the faux frosting. It really adds that WOW element because they look so bright and fluffy. 

valentine party favors - Valentine DIY: Corazón candy tins w/ faux frosting

I’m a sucker for mini tins like this especially the heart shaped ones. Normally used for weddings and filled with small candies, there are so many creative possibilities.

What is whipped clay (faux frosting)?

If you’ve never heard or whipped clay, much less worked with it in your crafts – you are in for a treat.

Whipped clay is a member of the polymer clay family. It has a fluffy, frosting-like consistency and is often used to create decoden decorations (check out my decoden projects here), which are cell phone cases and other accessories that are covered in colorful, ornate designs.

The clay is made by mixing together polymer clay and a stiffening agent, such as mica powder. This creates a clay that can be pipeable, just like frosting! Use it to create all sorts of designs, like ruffles, flowers, leaves, even writing.

One of the BEST benefits of using whipped clay?  No baking. Just let it air dry. A nice option for people who don’t have access to an oven. It can also be tinted with food coloring, dyes, glitter, sealers, etc to create any color or finish desired.

So, yes, team whipped clay!

ALTERNATIVE: You can also use bathroom caulk. Buy a large tube and fill up a cake decorating tube. Let dry and paint whatever colors you want, and add sealer.

Let’s make the tins!

Here is a little video I made showing how to make these Valentine party favors, then I’ll explain the process in more detail below!


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How to make Valentine Party Favors with faux frosting

Check out these cute party favor boxes!

They are supposed to be for weddings, but  anything with a heart deserves to be celebrated all year round. You can use these to hold candies, treats, a tea light candle, but in the case – a chocolate candy!

And I love how there are 16 of these, you can even use them to make little shadow boxes. There are a lot to play with!


Supplies for Valentine DIY: Corazón candy tins w/ faux frosting:

whipped clay

Heart-shaped tins

Whipped clay (and proper attachments)

Letter beads

Micro glitter


Paper shred


If using the kind that comes in a tube, knead it to make sure the whipped clay is smooth and creamy. Remove the cap from one of the tubes of whipped clay and screw on the desired tip.

NOTE: Keep your whipped clay/faux frosting decorating tips separate from the REAL cake decorating supplies. You do not want to mix them up. Food for food only, crafts for crafts only.

Apply the faux frosting

Hold the tube in the middle. Before you squeeze it on the tin, squeeze a bit on scratch paper so you can see/feel the consistency. If you feel good – Squeeze it out all the way around the top of the tin.

Set the tube aside so it won’t smear anywhere. Sprinkle a bit of the microfine glitter on the fresh clay. It will begin to harden quickly, so do this while it is still wet.

To add glitter after it is dry, mix ultra fine glitter in with a water-based sealer and brush on over the dried clay.

Pressing letters into faux frosting in a Valentine's party favor.

Add embellishments

Carefully press in letter beads and other small objects.

Let dry for several hours.

Chocolate Valentine party favor

Add the candy

Add a bit of shred in each tin, add a chocolate and put on the lid.

Serve them inside a large chocolate box or hand out one-by-one!

Clean up

Wash the decorating tips with warm, soapy water. Let air dry. Clean up any smears!

Faux frosting on a valentine party favor

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Other ideas for Valentine party favors:

If you don’t want to use chocolate, fill with M&Ms or even small crafty goodies, a note, a money bill, whatever you want!

I hope you like this Valentine DIY: Corazón candy tins w/ faux frosting!

Corazon valentine party favors with faux frosting

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