Valentine Party Favors

valentine party favors

Valentine party favors aren’t just for formal heart-themed gatherings! Everyday life is a party – so why not make a batch of little gifts to pass out to friends, family, even acquaintances. 

I’m a sucker for mini tins like this, especially the heart shaped ones. They’re normally used for weddings and filled with small candies, but why not give the idea a twist and put a chocolate in each one? 

Here is a little video I made showing how to make them, then i’ll explain in more detail below!

How to make Valentine Party Favors


whipped clay

Heart-shaped tins

Whipped clay

Letter beads

Micro glitter


Paper shred


Remove the cap from one of the tubes of whipped clay and screw on the desired tip.

Squeeze it out all the way around the top of the tin.

Sprinkle a bit of the microfine glitter.

Carefully press in letter beads and other small objects.

Let dry for several hours.

Add a bit of shred in each tin, add a chocolate and put on the lid.

Serve them inside a large chocolate box or hand out one-by-one!

Other ideas:

If you don’t want to use chocolate, you can fill with M&Ms or even small crafty goodies, a note, a money bill, whatever you want!

I hope you like these Valentine party favors!

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