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Quick holiday gifts to make

There’s only a couple days left until the wrapping paper show down! Here are a few ideas on quick handmade gifts you can whip up in an evening that won’t look like you whipped them up in an evening…

1. Stamped soap. I saw a really cool application on the Carol Duvall show this week. You use clear glycerin and pour a thin layer, let it cool and then dab paint on a rubber stamp and press it on the layer. Let dry and pour another thin layer and stamp another design. Keep going until you have reached the top. The end result looks multi-dimensional. It’s best to use thick chunky stamps with less grooves.

2. Glass etched or silver/gold leafed hurricane lamp. Apply a short and snappy word in a chunky font or the inital of their name.

3. A set of beaded pens. Use double stick tape to wrap around a Bic stick pen and then roll it in micro beads so it is completely. Add another layer of tape in a diagonal fashion (like a candy can stripe) and roll it in another color of micro beads. You now have a two-color beaded pen! Pick up a bracelet box at the craft store, wrap and deliver!

4. Scrapbook pages Make ’em in advance for the gift recipient. Leave room for them to put their own picture in.

5. Flower pot gift basket. Paint the pot (duh.) and then stuff it with colored shredding, set a candle or ornament or small box of candy in it and wrap it up in clear cello for a mini gift basket. Don’t forget to add the gift tag!

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