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DIY Regalitos: 20 Holiday gifts to make that are worth the effort!

Here are five holiday gifts to make that will impress people far and wide. Why? Because they will know you put a lot of effort into crafting a special gift. Set aside some time for these, maybe an afternoon. Put on a holiday playlist and enjoy the experience!

Here a20 gifts to make that will take a bit of time, but are totally doable! Check out the list!


Handmade Organic Soap

No melt and pour here. We’re going the legit, traditional soap making route. And if this concept freaks you out, try this other easier method – yes, melt and pour. It’s still work and just as fancy!

For the pink soap, add shavings of bright colored soaps and attach to bar soap with dabs of melted soap. You can also sprinkle them into your melt and pour mixture.

Another idea: Use clear glycerin and pour a thin layer, let it cool and then dab paint on a rubber stamp and press it on the layer. Let dry and pour another thin layer and stamp another design. Keep going until you have reached the top. The end result looks multi-dimensional. It’s best to use thick chunky stamps with less grooves.

Short cuts:

Make a wrapper for pretty store bought soap and wrap them up!


Painted Chimney Lamps

You can find these are home improvement stores. Line the inside with mod Podge mixed with paint, and then apply Puffy Paint on the outside of a design of your choice. Great to use over candles for a pretty effect.

Gaudy Beaded Pens

LOVE! I’ve been wanting to try making these. Don’t they look so fabulous and fun? Here is a video tutorial for us to watch and try.

Easy method for another style: Use double stick tape to wrap around a Bic stick pen and then roll it in micro beads so it is completely. Add another layer of tape in a diagonal fashion (like a candy can stripe) and roll it in another color of micro beads. You now have a two-color beaded pen! Pick up a bracelet box at the craft store, wrap and deliver!

Embroidered Photo Holder

My friend Thania made one of these as a wedding gift and it was so stunning! Here is how you can make one too!


Flower pot gift basket 

Check my extensive post that is loaded with creative ideas! It’s actually not that hard to put together and will make an impressive impact!

Painted flower pots by CraftyChica.com.
Painted flower pots by CraftyChica.com.


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Other ideas of gifts to make:

resin hoop earrings

Hand painted mug: Use oil-based sharpies or porcelain paint to decorate plain mugs. These are great for coffee or tea lovers, and you can personalize them with quotes, drawings, or patterns.

Custom prayer candles: Create your own labels for prayer candles or start from scratch. With some soy wax, wicks, and essential oils, you can create customized scented candles. They’re perfect for adding a cozy touch to anyone’s home.

Homemade Mexican cookies: If you enjoy baking, consider making cookies, brownies, or bread. Present them in a nice box or tin for a sweet treat.

Handmade Earrings: Simple beaded bracelets or necklaces can be very special, especially if you choose beads that match the recipient’s style or birthstone.

Chair Caddy for book lovers or journalers: Functional and easy to make!

Crocheted washcloths or other items: If you’re skilled in knitting or crocheting, consider making scarves, hats, or mittens. They’re practical and personal.

Plant Terrarium: Create a small terrarium with succulents or air plants. It’s a long-lasting gift that’s perfect for plant lovers.

Cupcake Bath Bombs: Mix baking soda, citric acid, and essential oils to make relaxing bath bombs. They’re a great spa-like gift.

Hand-painted Tote Bags: Decorate a plain tote bag with fabric paint. It’s both useful and unique.

I hope you found some inspiration for holiday gifts to make. I know these projects will take some time, but it will be so worth it!

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